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Reasons for Using Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana refers to the cannabinoids prescribed by doctors for their patients suffering to specific diseases that require marijuana attention. Use of cannabis as medicine has not been globally accepted as much as a good number of nations have legalized it and as well used it for other enjoyment purposes. The supporters of medical marijuana say that it contains plenty of advantages that can be beneficial to its users. Some of the dominant health benefits are defined beneath.

One of the leading benefits of medical marijuana is its ability to relieve pain. This works especially well for people who suffer from chronic pains. One crucial element that is appealing is the safety associated with marijuana as compare to opiates that is much easier to get addicted if you have an intake severely though it is also medicinal. Medical marijuana is also quite effective in fighting Parkinson’s disease because it reduces the tremors associated with the disease.

For a long time, Marijuana’s ability to boost appetite levels has been well known. Medicinal marijuana is not any much different. It is highly recommended especially for patients suffering from human immune deficiency virus as a way of boosting their appetite. Cancer patients have also been known to experience loss of appetite especially after those draining chemotherapy sessions. Medical marijuana steps in not only to boost their appetite but also in helping to ease their pain. Medical marijuana is also useful in treating of mood and anxiety-related disorders. It is used for soldiers when they return from the war zones to help in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder that can be disturbing.

Medical marijuana also helps in stemming the rapid proliferation of cancer cells. Medical marijuana can stifle the growth of a specific type of tumor that is linked to 80% cases of malignant brain tumors. Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, the two compounds that are active compounds in medical marijuana have been discovered to slow growth of cancerous cells in the body. This has further strengthened the capability of marijuana in fighting cancer.

Medical marijuana is also good at treating Alzheimer’s disease, which is prevalent among older people, through the THC compound which is found in it. THC has the ability of stifling creation of amyloid plaques that kill brain cells which are connected to Alzheimer disease. Medical marijuana assist in easing muscle spasms experienced by patient that suffer multiple sclerosis. Patients that suffer from such kind of muscle contractions have greatly failed to respond positively to other alternatives of medication after smoking marijuana after some period of time have reduced their pain significantly.

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